From a Hullygood night to a Hullygood day

From a Hullygood night to a Hullygood day

The buckwheat hull pillow that makes sleep a truly rejuvenating experience

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Meet Hullygood

It is time to expect more from your pillow - the place your head spends a third of its life.

Organic Buckwheat Hull Pillow
  • Buckwheat hulls

    We use certified, organically and ethically grown buckwheat hull to make our pillow fill and support your head. It's not just comfortable, it's comforting.
  • Bamboo & linen fabric

    Ethically grown bamboo, as well as linen, has natural antiseptic properties. We’ve combined these natural materials to construct a snug, luxurious pillow cover.
  • Made by humans

    Mass produced? Not on our watch! Our pillows are made in European facilities with the highest care and attention to detail. Hand finishing them allows the very best results.
  • Made for humans

    No matter how much we evolve, humans are part of nature and at Hullygood, we believe only nature can provide us with a consistently rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Un-apologetically eco-friendly

Every choice we make at Hullygood is vetted for its health benefits and impact on the environment. Each pillow is made with a carefully sourced and selected 100% organic buckwheat hull filling, encased in a 50% bamboo and 50% natural linen fabric cover. We provide you with a uniquely tranquil, plush, and ‘green’ sleeping experience, with a pillow that moulds to yours and the earth’s needs. Even the print and paper used in our packaging are un-apologetically eco-friendly.
Un-apologetically eco-friendly

Bamboo & Linen Fabric

We craft the most heavenly pillow cover from nature’s most beautiful materials. Breathable, adjustable to your body temperature, biodegradable, naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial bamboo fabric combines with natural linen to provide you with year-round comfort. Our pillow covers will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer too. Quite simply, this case makes a huge contribution to your standard of life whilst sleeping.
Bamboo & Linen Fabric

Buckwheat Hull

The distinctive shape and composition of buckwheat hull (the protective shell around the seed) makes it an ideal filling material for Hullygood pillows. The hulls interlock to mould to the exact contours of your head and neck, maintaining optimal airflow unlike some other pillows which can consist of trapped air pockets. Buckwheat hull is also the perfect choice for those suffering from allergies or respiratory problems, as it contains tannin compounds that inhibit the development of acarina, the organisms that sustain ticks, mites and other bugs.
Buckwheat Hull

Why Hullygood?

If you like to have the best for yourself, while doing the best for the environment, you’re going to love Hullygood.
Promotes restful sleep
Provides nights free of twists and turns, thanks to its design. Helps alleviate symptoms associated with poor sleep posture such as headache, shoulder and neck pain. Relieves snoring and apnea symptoms.
Adjusts to your body temperature
The circulation between the individual buckwheat hulls ensures perfect air temperature, allowing the pillow to breathe and give you a heavenly night’s sleep.
Mouldable & ergonomic design
The hulls naturally adjust to the shape of your neck and shoulders, supporting them. Whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach, the pillow ensures your body is comfortably aligned during sleep.
Eco friendly bed times
Our pillow cover, the filling and packaging are all made from sustainable and environmentally friendly sources. You can rest easy.
Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antimicrobial
The natural bamboo and linen fabric that encases and covers the pillow discourages formation of bacteria. This unique textile blend is beneficial for those who are allergy sensitive.
An economical pillow
Thanks to the use of natural materials, our pillows retain their qualities much longer than other pillows on the market.
  • Designed in London

    Designed in London

    We're based in London, and our design pays tribute and learns from a global ancient heritage, rediscovering often forgotten solutions for comfort.

    Designed in London
  • Made in Europe

    Made in Europe

    We carefully source buckwheat hulls from certified eco farmers. A classic European mindset carries to the very heart of our brand in terms of heritage, style and functionality.

    Made in Europe
  • Hullygood Buckwheat Pillow vs Other Pillow Types

    Hullygood Buckwheat Pillow vs Other Pillow Types

    Our pillow carries a wealth of benefits for our health, quality of sleep and the environment.

    Hullygood Buckwheat Pillow vs Other Pillow Types


How Hullygood changed our sleep life

We really love the pillows. They smell natural and relaxing, we like the sensation of the grains when we sleep and when we move our pillows around, we like that they sustain our necks. We feel the pillow really helps with a good sleep and once you get over the uniqueness/quirkiness of it, you begin to really love and appreciate it. It's definitely very unique, we can't say we're very bothered about natural fibers etc. but it's good to know this is also a benefit of our pillows. The quality of the pillows is very good and we just love sleeping on them.
I have had a memory foam pillow for a while now and paid a lot for it as I desperately needed to find a solution for my long lasting neck issue. I have tried many. The problem with the memory foam pillows was that they were very heavy and hard and I did not feel they were supporting my neck properly. They would also get very hot. I hadn't realised this until I changed to the Hullygood buckwheat hull pillow. I don't sweat now and I wake up with a rested neck. Cheers.
For the last good 5 years i've been living a very conscious life so now I always choose eco friendly and organic things and food. When I found that I can also lay my head every night on a truly organic, inside and out, pillow I didn't think twice! And oh boy, what a good feeling it is to fall asleep on this luxurious piece of natural luxury!
I purchased this 'mysterious' buckwheat hull pillow as I suffered for the last few years from migraine and neck ache particularly in the mornings. I realised how much this has been affecting my life and work and saw that medicine was not helping me at all. I already had a good quality pillow which had helped a little, but I was still waking up each morning with neck ache and headache and always felt like I had slept badly. After meeting the Hullygood ladies and learning about their buckwheat hull pillow I didn't hesitate to get it and glad I did as I can honestly say this pillow has helped. It felt a little heavy at first and I thought no way would it be comfy! But I was wrong, it works well for me and after few nights I saw huge improvement of all my issues.

Good sleep awaits

Good sleep awaits