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Welcome to Hullygood, where your good night’s sleep is our priority.

Ever since we first laid our heads on our buckwheat hull pillows, we became obsessed with the new discovery that changed our lives forever by transforming the way we sleep. Besotted with the buckwheat hull pillows’ wonderful health benefits, we highly recommended them to family and friends. And we were not surprised in the least to hear about the difference these pillows brought to their lives: from waking up well rested, to no longer complaining about neck pain and back stiffness, and even allergy and asthma-prone people reported more peaceful nights.

Even though, for some it was not a love at first ‘night’ (after a lifetime of sleeping on feather pillows, it may take couple of days to adjust to sleeping on your unique Hullygood pillow), not one of our friends and family would go back to traditional pillows after trying this natural healthy sleeping support. Our confidence in buckwheat hull pillows grew further still when even the most skeptical of those to whom we recommended using them told us that “there’s something very special about your buckwheat hull pillows, they’re really good!”

Who and what is behind Hullygood?

Hullygood is the vision of Sandra, an entrepreneur, business development and marketing consultant, and Bozena, an entrepreneur and finance specialist. And we share more than our Hullygood vision. We also share the same passion for people, nature, yoga, conscious living, and respect for our natural environment.

We may have different approaches to sleep - Sandra rarely negotiating on her eight hours and Bozena often cutting back on sleep as her “to do list” kept on growing - but we do agree on one thing: the importance of good quality sleep. We recognize that natural sleeping (without the aid of sleeping pills) has undeniable health benefits that positively impact the way we conduct ourselves throughout the day. We agree that sleep is also awesome for health, longevity and relationships. We strongly believe that the Earth would be much better place to live if we all slept better.

How was Hullygood born?

One midsummer afternoon at the local North London art cafe, during a passionate conversation about our favourite subject - sleep -, it was clear to us that we couldn’t keep our buckwheat hull pillows all to ourselves and our circle of friends. By the time we finished our delicious coffees, the Hullygood mission was born: to give people a good night’s sleep, every night. One 100% natural and eco-friendly pillow at a time.

Looking for answers in nature and backing them up with science, we carefully sourced natural materials to create Hullygood, a handcrafted buckwheat hull pillow which we guarantee will transform the way you spend a third of your life night after night. We brought together expert advice and talented friends and threw ourselves deep into the mission to help people make positive changes in their lives while they sleep.

You can rest assured in knowing that we will continue to craft better ways to sleep and to share insights that will help you to enjoy your life with both eyes shut and eyes wide open.

Let’s make sleep a deserved and much needed priority. Leave stress, anxiety and the “smarts” outside. Transform your bedroom into a sacred sleep cave. Trust science and nature. Trust Hullygood.

Bozena & Sandra