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Does Hullygood ship internationally?

We are currently shipping Hullygood within the United Kingdom and Ireland but we will do our best to help you sleep better wherever you are - please email us for individual quotations.

What are the advantages of buckwheat hull pillows?

There are several advantages of using buckwheat hulls over a traditional pillow fill like foam, feathers or wool. Most significantly, the buckwheat hull fill conforms perfectly to the unique shape of your head and neck which provides the support that most pillows lack. That way, it will never collapse under the weight of your head and will prevent any undue stress on the neck and back muscles. In addition, thanks to the support provided by the Hullygood pillow and having your spine appropriately aligned while sleeping, it should alleviate any snoring or symptoms of sleep apnea. Buckwheat hulls do not conduct or reflect heat as much as synthetic fills do, and are breathable, which will keep you cool all night long. The fill can also be adjusted to your own desired thickness so you can have a perfectly customised pillow to sleep on. The antiseptic and hypoallergenic properties of buckwheat hull, bamboo and linen fabric make Hullygood pillow an ideal choice for those who have allergies or asthma. Buckwheat hulls are 100% organic, compostable, and sustainable and they tend to have a much longer life span than most pillow types which makes them an extremely eco-friendly choice.

How do I adjust the buckwheat fill?

Depending on your personal preference, you may want to adjust the amount of fill in your pillow. The amount of fill influences both the pillow’s thickness and mouldability. We want to ensure you have enough fill, so we only ship pillows that are optimally stuffed. To remove hulls, be sure your pillow is standing on its end with the zipper facing up before you open it. Then, unzip the cover and use a cup to carefully scoop the extra hulls into a storage bag. Once you have your preferred amount of fill, you can fully enjoy the benefits of your personally adjusted pillow.

Are your buckwheat hulls organic?

We pride ourselves in manufacturing the best pillow possible. Our buckwheat hull suppliers have been painstakingly inspected and carefully selected in order to have the best available hull. Buckwheat crops are grown without herbicides or pesticides and when selecting hulls we are primarily concerned with the physical quality of the hulls; they must have been cleaned extremely well and be intact (not crushed flat). Hullygood buckwheat hulls are 100% grown and milled under the best conditions in Europe and are not fumigated at any point.

Does the buckwheat have a smell and is it noisy?

Our buckwheat is thoroughly cleaned so there is no noticeable smell to it. If you open up the pillow and directly smell the buckwheat hulls, you may be able to notice a faint, pleasant earthy smell. As for any noise, Hullygood pillows make a gentle rustling sound when moved. Most people adjust to it instantly and in fact they find it calming. The people we spoke with said they could not tell whether it decreases over time or if they just get used to it to the point that it cannot be heard any more.

How long will Hullygood last?

Much longer than a traditional pillow would. The mouldability of the pillow decreases naturally over time but due to the premium quality of hulls we use in our pillows, they have a prolonged life span.

Could I be allergic to buckwheat hulls?

While buckwheat pillows are described as being hypoallergenic, a small percentage of people could experience an allergic reaction to buckwheat flour residue leftover from the cleaning process. We take extra care to purchase only buckwheat hulls that have been thoroughly cleaned of all leftover flour or other foreign material.

How do I clean a buckwheat pillow?

Hullygood is designed to be used with your regular pillow cases, and therefore should not require cleaning very often. If you use a pillow case to protect it like any other pillow, then you might not even need to clean the Hullygood pillow cover. However, if you choose to, just unzip the pillowcase and empty the hulls into a dry container. The buckwheat hulls shouldn’t be washed in water, but could be freshened up just by leaving them outside in the sunlight for a few hours. Wash your pillowcase in cool water and air dry. Replace the hulls only once the pillowcase is completely dry.

I have never tried a buckwheat pillow before. What if I don’t like it?

No worries! We’re glad you decided to try it. Our standard 30-day money-back guarantee means that for whatever reason you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can return your Hullygood pillow to us during this period and we will refund your credit card the purchase cost. The purchaser is responsible for return shipping costs.

What size package does Hullygood ship in? How much does Hullygood weigh?

A single standard Hullygood ships in a box measuring 63 x 41 x 15 cm. The actual pillow weight is 8.8lbs and the shipping of a single Hullygood in a box is approximately 9.9lbs.